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The Liffey Players performed "Eden" at the Acting Irish International Theatre Festival in Milwaukee on May 25th and won Best Production as well as Best Actor for Jerod Blake's performance as "Billy". Tanya Wolff received a Best Director nomination and Katelyn Morishita received a Best Actress nomination for her performance as "Breda". Congrats to all involved! 


If you missed "Eden", don't miss the next Liffey Players Production of "The Kings of the Kilburn High Road", by Jimmy Murphy. Directed by our award winning, Jerod Blake!





THE KINGS OF THE KILBURN HIGH ROAD by Jimmy Murphy,  Directed by Jerod Blake

SYNOPSIS: Six young Irish working men emigrate to London in the early 1970s. Like so many of their generation, they spend their lives in manual labor jobs; digging ditches or construction work. They intended to stay only a little while, make some money and return home as successful men, but that day never seemed to arrive. Now, twenty-something years later, still in London, five of them gather in the side room of a pub in an informal wake for one of them who has died. All are in their late-40s or early-50s. All but one (who had split off from the group years earlier and established a successful construction company of his own) are broken from lives of hard work and harder drinking.

The entire play takes place in one afternoon and evening at that pub, as the characters drink to their fallen friend; the only one to make it home, albeit in a coffin. Secrets are revealed and lies are uncovered


June 21: 7-10pm Group auditions      June 23: 7-10pm Group auditions   Callbacks June 26: 10am- 1pm
Where: Irish Cultural Society in Bowness.
Auditions will be held in a group setting, cold reading from the script. Plan to be at the audition for the full 3 hours so we can do our best to give everyone an equal chance to read all parts.


Begin Mid August and run Tuesdays & Thursdays (7-10pm) and Sunday mornings (10-1pm)


Move in October 30 and close November 12 in "The Shed" at The Pumphouse Theatres.
Age range accepted for the auditions will be mid- 40's to early 60's.
If you are interested in an audition, please send a resume and head shot to and specify which date, June 21 or 23, you would like to audition.

Liffey Players Drama Society is a non- profit, volunteer driven theatre company. As such, we do NOT pay fees associated with Equity artists.


Thank you,
Jerod Blake, Director
The Kings of the Kilburn High Road